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A Long and Storied History...
Coming to America from Hungary in 1897, Joseph Timer found a new home in Racine, Wisconsin. Serving his new country in World War I, Joe returned to Racine, and in 1926 opened a small store.
Despite being in the midst of Prohibition, Joe found a demand for selling hops, malt and barley, for home brewers. Also, church wine and medicinal alcohol could be sold to those who held proper permits. On occasion a few barrels of beer would arrive from Chicago. Canada was a source for whiskey, and four or five cases would arrive periodically to help satisfy the illicit thirst for liquor.
As time progressed, a tiny store on a busy corner led way to a new store built in 1955, and a new generation of the Timer family came on board. The business continued to grow and in 1995 a new 12,000 square foot facility was built on the edge of Racine's west side.
Today the business remains family owned, with Ed Fahnrich Jr., a great grand son of Joe Timer, along with Shawn Voss co-owner. Both being responsible for daily operations.
Believing in the community, superior customer service, along with the largest selection of beer, wine and spirits, with everyday low prices. That simple formula has been the driving force, making Timer's a market leader for over 80 years.